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Moving Performers

Whether you want to let go of unnecessary physical tension, anxiety, or just want to enjoy performing more – these workshops are a great way to move to more ease and confidence.  Valerie is a skilled performance tutor, and has movement skills that can take the pain out of practice and help you enjoy performing more.  With this supportive approach, you’ll find bodily keys to new confidence, fluency, and ease with yourself and your audiences.

Moving Musician workshops offered this year will be:

Sat 17 Sep    “Move Over Anxiety” – Reduce the grip of stage fright as you learn 3 practical  movement skills that are keys to strength and confidence in performance (and elsewhere).

Sun 16 Oct       “Easy Neck, Hands &Arms”

Sat 12 Nov      “Move Over Anxiety” – Part 2 Strengthen you  movement skills by adding mind skills and take your performance to the next level.

All workshops will be 1.30 to 4 pm on a weekend afternoon.  Each workshop is $45 or $35 earlybird (paid at least 7 days before the workshop).  Cost for 2 or 3 workshops is $30 per workshop when by earlybird date for first workshop enrolled.

The venue for these workshops is my home teaching studio – Voice and Movement Studios, 23 Joyce Cresent, Ilam, Christchurch

I also offer personalised face to face lessons.  You can bring your song, speech, instrument, conductor’s hands/baton.

The studio has two pianos, microphone and amplifier, and a sprung dance floor.

Contact Valerie for a free 15 minute phone consultation

Not only did my posture improve, but my breath flowed more openly and easily and I had the bonus of improving the quality of my sound. Thanks, Valerie for your relaxed and supportive approach.

Trumpet Player 

voiceandmovement.co.nz is now valeriewycoff.com. You may like to update your links.