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Help – my device is a pain in the neck!

Valerie helps with neck and shoulder pain.

Valerie helps with neck and shoulder pain.

In the space of 3 days, 3 people reflected to me that they were on their devices so much that they were missing out on connecting with people face to face.

I listened and nodded, knowing from my own experience that the way I use devices can lead to grouchiness, tension or pain – or NOT!

Want to prevent device tension from taking over?

  1. BREATHE! In hurrying to meet deadlines (others or our own), breathing can become shallow or held. No wonder feelings of frustration and pressure can grow.
  2. TAKE NOTICE of how you are. Will the world end if you slow down even a little? Are you hunched? straining eyes? frowning?
  3. Take a STANDING BREAK. A break from sitting, such as standing and stretching and/or moving my laptop to a shelf where I can use it as a standing desk
  4. Take an EYE BREAK. If you can already or can learn to – type by touch and look at something further up in the room from time to time. This can ensure that the heavy weight of your head protruding or leaning forward of your lap top is not a strain on your upper back, neck and shoulders.  LOOK TO THE HORIZON.  Standing at the window and gazing at things at different distances, moving eyes left and right, letting go of a stare or narrow focus, softening the gaze and opening up the periphery are choices that can reduce headaches and prevent eyestrain.
  5. Get MOVING. – a short walk (even down the hall to get a drink of water – also good for you in every way) or a little dance can bring not only physical relief, but a fresh approach to what might otherwise seem like a very difficult task.

Take care of your precious physical self. It’s one of the best ways you can improve your odds of a happy life now and in your maturity.

I love helping you to move easily and effectively and pleasurably.  (What a great job! Seeing these changes in my clients!) Give me a call if you’d like to learn more about how working with me can help. There’s never been a better time to improve your self-care and your well-being. is now You may like to update your links.