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Exploring my slump . . .

Reading a book the other day, I noticed my eyes had scanned several lines without taking in content.  Was I uninterested, tired, or something else?  My curiosity got the better of me, and I began to apply some Feldenkrais strategies to observe my posture and then change the situation.

Here’s a basic exploration such as the one I did, which you might try to effect your sitting posture, comfort and alertness.  I put down my book to do it:)

1) Notice, are you slumping? twisted? something else?  How are you breathing?  What shape is your chest?

2) What if you do a little bit more of it on purpose? Is it more or less comfortable?

3) How can you apply the least movement that brings improvement?  Why not a bigger “correction”.  Because when we use a bigger muscular effort to improve our posture, we tire, and may collapse back into our default pattern.  Using easy movements to improve, means we are more able to sustain the improvement.  Undo any spinal curl a bit – not by putting your shoulders back, but by uncurling the whole spine and feel the change in your rib cage.  Pause.

4) Can your pelvis be part of the solution?  Just stop for a moment now and ask yourself, what part of your pelvis is on the seat you are resting on?  Place your hands under your pelvic bones or “sit bones” and rock a little forward and back.  Are you sitting behind or in front of the place where you can feel the bones easiest?

Slump a little again (or your version of the challenging posture), and notice, what your pelvis does? If you’re slumping it probably rolls back, your tailbone coming a little nearer the seat.  When you “unslump” can your pelvis roll forward a little?  Yes? How can you apply the least movement here to bring improvement? Explore a little more in a small comfortable range.  Rest.

5) How are you sitting now?  How are you breathing?  Refreshed?  What do you want to do now?  Return to your task, rest, or move on to something new?

There are many mini moves like this one that can improve sitting comfort.  Coming for an intro session, a set of individual hands on lessons, or attending classes is a great way to learn them.  If you want to see if working with me is right for you, why not give me a ring.  I’ll be happy to hear about your situation and see if I can help. is now You may like to update your links.