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Eating and Procrastination . . .

Another invitation to a Christmas gathering arrived . . . Royal High Tea ($27). I treasure my membership in this group of colleagues, but I tell you – I experienced this invitation as less than supportive of my intention to achieve a healthier weight! What say I don’t feel like eating 9 little things with my cup of tea? I felt disgruntled, and put off my reply.

Earlier the same day I was heading back to the fridge for a piece of cheese leftover from a seasonal event . . . when I noticed I wasn’t hungry. While planning my “Joy of Eating” workshop, I’ve had plenty of time to think about what makes eating truly satisfying. Eating when not hungry is not one of those things!
Eating mandarin

My inner monologue (leaving out some of the self accusation and blame) went something like this:

“Ugh . . . there I go again . . . What’s this eating about? What was I doing just before I went to the fridge. (this took some time to answer) I was ruminating over some things I’d promised myself to do for my business. Perhaps the eating was a way to soothe myself? To just procrastinate a difficult email or phone call? How fascinating! How can I forgive myself? How would I like to be with myself around this? What shall I do instead . . . ?”

I’ve noticed other ways of eating that don’t satisfy me, too.  In September, I noticed that at social occasions, I sometimes use eating as a way to avoid initiating conversation – and by doing so, delay the satisfaction of feeling connected. In October, I noticed that I wanted to make sure I got my share, or more than my share of the “special” foods – whatever I deemed them to be. Memories flooded back of my sister and brothers and the competitive way we counted olive stones. I’ve decided that it’s okay if somebody else gets more than I. In November, I noticed that I’d given myself the job of “cleaning up” by eating up the broken crackers, as if broken crackers don’t count . . . even when I’m full.

What brings me satisfaction? Sometimes it’s doing that thing I’ve been putting off.  Sometimes it’s starting a conversation . . . or writing a blog or newsletter! Sometimes it’s picking food from the garden and preparing it myself. Sometimes it’s the way I savour the food in my mouth.

Ruthy Alon, one of my trainers shared with me a simple piece of advice which resulted in me losing 3 kg in a month without restricting my diet.  While weight loss is not the aim of my session, I’ll be happy to share this advice with you as part of the upcoming JOY of EATING experience.

To have a new experiences of reflection, satisfaction and joy while eating . . . why not join me for “the Joy of Eating” Dec 8 or Dec 10?

And now . . . to answer my invitation to the Royal High Tea . . . is now You may like to update your links.