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Doing The BOUNCE – 2 minute revitaliser

This simple movement I learned from Trainer Ruthy Alon is a favourite of mine. Taking some time out in the morning and in the middle of my day to enjoy pleasurable movements helps me to re-energise and re-focus.

1) Stand with feet comfortably spread (not wide, not one against the other).

2) If your knees are locked, release them.

3) Bring your weight to the balls of both feet.

4) Drop your weight onto the whole foot.

5) Repeat the steps above, bouncing on the heels once, so that you make the rhythm pom pom with your feet.

6)  Smile!

To add to the fun, you can vocalize and listen to the way your voice responds to the movement of your body!

If you start the above sequence in a slouch, you’ll soon be standing taller, as your body balances and comes into better alignment naturally.

If you want more improvement, give me a call and have a chat. I’ll be glad to hear what you’re looking for or answer your questions about how I can help.

(Here’s an introduction to Ruthy.  She was 63 when she made this video) is now You may like to update your links.