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Can you learn Feldenkrais “On Your Own?

While attending class or doing for private work is my favourite way of learning to move and feel better – it’s possible to learn and revise on your own.  Here are some resources  . . . has slots Feldenkrais related video clips. Check out Ruthy Alon’s “Movement Nature Meant”
You might also enjoy Oli Wiles demo of a “Freeing Your Neck” lesson

To Sign up for a free audio lesson each month with Trainer Alan Questel, by audio podcast visit    www.uncommonsensing


FIG Feldenkrais Interest Group Library – large membership library

$20 annual membership, access to materials including many of those listed below, plus LOTS of wonderful audio lessons.



Alon, Ruthy. Mindful Spontaneity

Feldenkrais, Moshe. Awareness Through Movement and 8 other titles

Fraser, Alan. The Craft of Piano Playing and two other titles

Nelson, Samuel H and Elizaeth Blades-Zeller. Singing with the Whole Self: The Feldenkrais Method and Voice  

Plonka, Lavinia. Walking Your Talk: Changing your Life through the Magic of Body Language

Shafarman, Steven. Awareness Heals. (available FIG and public Library)

Wildman, Frank. The Busy Person’s Guide to Easier Movement: 50 ways to achieve a healthy, happy, pain-free and intelligent body.

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