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TURN with EASE – a lesson in sitting.

This lesson will help you sit more comfortably and turn easily anytime – whether backing down the drive, or watching out for traffic, or playing an instrument.  It can also relieve back and neck pain. Movements of rotation are key to many of our daily activities, and can help relieve headaches when done gently.

For best effects

  • Do not do anything your physician forbids.
  • Rather than try hard, move gently.
  • Rest before you are tired or bored, and begin again when your curiosity arises.

Sit at the front of the chair away from the back of the seat. Have feet and knees separated by at least the width of one foot. Put hands on thighs.

STATUS CHECK Turn to gaze around the room to see your comfortable range of vision on both sides.

1, KNEE MOVES Have the weight over feet and seat. Find a way to bring right knee forward and return it.

Find a way to bring the right knee back. Can you do it pushing with the rightfoot? Can you do it without pushing with the right foot.?

1A (KNEE PLUS HEAD PLUS SHOULDERS) As you push the right knee forward – let the torso and head and shoulders be turned to the left and relax back to neutral.

1B (KNEE MINUS) Then as you push the right knee forward let the head and shoulders remain facing front.


2 SHOULDER MOVES Sit at front of chair. Turn Shoulders to left and back to front. Keep pelvis neutral.
2A (SHOULDERS PLUS HEAD) Do it with head and eyes being carried left a few times. 2B (SHOULDERS MINUS) Do it turning only shoulders left a few times.


Turn with head, neck Shoulders and pelvis to the left. Close eyes then let eyes look right and left from this position. Return to neutral sitting and open eyes.

3A (EYES AND HEAD) As above, turn all left, and then let head and eyes turn towards front and left a few times.


ADD IT ALL UP While sitting with hands in lap, imagine eyes, head, neck shoulders, torso, pelvis and feet helping to turn left and return. DO the movement with eyes closed. You may check the wall if you like to see where you get to today.

Give yourself a hug in appreciation for the attention you’ve given your well being.

TOMORROW or LATER IN THE DAY – you may repeat to the other side.

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Rolling with my Resolution to get Moving…

January 2015 – a New Year.  Time to look back and look forward.

Last year, keeping moving was a big challenge for me. In May, lack of eye foot coordination, meant I missed a step and fell from several feet directly onto the side of my pelvis.   OUCH!  When my mobility went down, my weight went up. Sitting and sleeping (or not sleeping) became very uncomfortable. While recovering from the pain is a big challenge, and one I wasn’t expecting to take 8 months or more, a priority has been to keep moving and find a weekly exercise rhythm that will work.

Here’s 5 things that have helped my progress.

  • Moving mindfully at home. A few minutes each day using key parts of Awareness Through Movement® lessons can get me from achey and stiff, to ready to move. (That’s me in the green).
  • Walking regularly. I am particularly grateful to my husband who has encouraged me to get moving, and kept me company on an almost-daily basis.   If I need to walk where there is more or less slope to keep comfortable, or to go slower – he understands.
  • Getting support from professionals. Besides my doctor and familiar acupuncturist, I’ve met a chiropractor, a massage therapist, and had some helpful Functional Integration® Sessions from other Feldenkrais Practitioners.
  • Taking more breaks than usual, and finding ways to go slow with some things. Pausing helps me move more effectively and comfortably.
  • Changing the way I do certain activities. I designed and made a custom pillow for the car seat. I made a standing desk, which I sometimes use with the computer.Valerie Does ATM

So in 2015 – I’m going for improved movement – both mine and my clients. I’ll be building back to the activity I enjoyed in 2013 and hoping to contribute more to my clients and my community.

To help me with my intentions and yours, how about contacting me for a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation. This is a great way to address your personal concerns, help you get clearer on what you’re going for and learn how the work I do can help you. To get rolling, simply click now on the tab at top right hand corner of this blog screen “Free 15 minute phone consultation.”


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Moving from Stuckness with Compassion

Ruthy Alon, Feldenkrais Method® Trainer and creator of Bones for Life®

At age 80, RUTHY ALON taught me in my 4th year of practitioner training.  Ruthy, a model of vibrant living herself, was warm and generous with her support and compassion for the challenges of life.
Sometimes we come to recognize that we are in a place or posture in which we’re “stuck.”  Perhaps we notice locked knees, or shallow breathing, a tight jaw – whatever is our personal signature of that old pattern. We know something better, have already had experience of it.  Perhaps we can force ourselves to correct it. At the same time maybe inside we say “Stop that!”
Ruthy held that criticizing ourself with harsh correction was adding insult to injury.  Instead she proposed a better way . . .

1.  Notice the part that has drawn your attention (e.g. knee) Feel the cost to that part.

2.  Spread your attention to the other parts of your body that suffer with the pattern (hips? ankles? lower back?

3.  Look for ways neighboring parts can be involved in the movement.

4.  Gently, with compassion, with ease rather than force move out of the pattern into your idea of better organization.

5. Acknowledge yourself for the attention and care you’ve given to your well being.

In this way she practised what she called “Family Therapy” for the body.

Thank you, Ruthy 🙂 is now You may like to update your links.